University of Virginia

Teaching+Technology Support Partners

A partnership between the Office of the Vice President & Provost and the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology.

TTSP Selection Criteria

All schools and departments with a substantial undergraduate population are eligible for TTSP. The criteria for selection for participation are as follows:

  1. Evidence of substantial faculty interest in the school or department in bringing technology into the classroom. This interest need not be (and will likely not be) accompanied by current expertise since the main purpose of the TTSP program is to provide a critical mass of the faculty with tools to enhance their teaching through new uses of technology. In certain cases, two or three closely related departments with shared disciplinary and/or pedagogical concerns, e.g., foreign language departments, might apply as a single unit and share resources so as to fund three different partners over the life of the program, each one from one of the departments involved.
  2. A willingness on the part of the school or department to pick up incrementally over the second and third year of the program the cost of the Partner. The TTSP program will contribute toward the Partner's tuition remission (in-state research-only tuition and fees) and wages up to the program's maximums during the first year, half of that in the second year, and a quarter in the third. Departments planning to apply for the TTSP program should be sure that either their budgets have enough flexibility to allow them to pick up the incremental cost of the program in years 2 and 3 or that they have a commitment of funding from their Dean's Office prior to applying. In addition, we expect that departments might plan to continue funding a graduate position for support of instructional technology after their official three-year participation in the program ends.

Note: The allocation of FTEs for these positions will be within the University's MEL (not from newly created FTEs).