University of Virginia

Teaching+Technology Support Partners

A partnership between the Office of the Vice President & Provost and the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology.

Selection and Funding of Partners

Once a department, school, or center has been selected to participate in the TTSP program, the Chair and Graduate Director will be given a set of guidelines to assist them in describing the TTSP opportunity to their graduate students. From among the applicants, the Chair and Graduate Director will nominate two or three candidates for the position, who will be interviewed jointly by departmental faculty and John Alexander.

Departments should be aware that due to limited budgets and because senior graduate students have the requisite knowledge of the discipline to serve as colleagues, this program assumes that the TTSPs will be senior graduate students who have completed their coursework. (For example, in Arts & Sciences, fourth year and beyond.) Each Partner therefore will receive a stipend and a waiver of in-state research-only tuition and fees; the cost of the stipend and waiver are shared by the TTSP Program and the department, school or center as outlined in the Selection Criteria. The stipend is an amount consistent with the standard stipend for TAs in the Partner's home department, up to $18,000 per year. TTSPs also receive a health insurance waiver.

Each Partner will hold the position for one to three years, ideally three years so that the school, department, or center could derive maximum benefit and continuity from the partner's work. Graduate Directors will, however, have to determine the appropriate length of tenure in each case.