University of Virginia

Teaching+Technology Support Partners

A partnership between the Office of the Vice President & Provost and the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology.

Teaching+Technology Support Partners

TTSP iconThe Teaching + Technology Support Partners (TTSP) program teaches and advises graduate students to work effectively with faculty in exploring and integrating technologies for teaching innovation. Departments and schools which are accepted into the program participate over a three-year period. The TTSP program contributes toward the Partner's tuition remission (in-state research-only tuition and fees) and wages up to the program's maximums during the first year, half of that in the second year, and a quarter in the third. A TTSP position is equivalent to a teaching assistantship; partners are eligible for the health insurance subsidy as teaching assistants are.

TTSPs are graduate students in the relevant department or a related discipline and have teaching experience, which provides them with knowledge and expertise necessary for working with faculty interested in enhancing undergraduate courses. The Partners work individually or in small groups with departmental faculty to assess their needs and goals and provide recommendations, training, and referrals. The program is intended to:

  • assist faculty who would like to integrate entry- and mid-level technologies into their teaching to enhance student engagement and learning;
  • help departments support the integration of technology into courses and programs; and
  • enrich the preparation of graduate students who serve as Partners for their future roles as faculty members, academic professionals, and technology professionals.

The TTSP Program is led by a faculty member with extensive and ongoing teaching experience. Since the program began in 1999, more than 25 departments, schools and centers throughout the University have participated.